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Would you like to hire a time served, trustworthy, and reliable plumber in Wirral? If you answered yes, then I’m just what you’re looking for! I am highly skilled with decades of experience.

I also live on the Wirral!

Whether you need a qualified plumber to fix a leak, install a radiator or repair a boiler, I am just a phone call away.

While you’re here, allow me to give you a word of advice. Before choosing a plumber on the Wirral, make sure you do some research first. The absolute worst thing you can do is rush into making a decision you may later regret.

It’s quite scary the number of people who contact the first plumbing advert they see. No research. Nothing.

They might come out and do a great job. But what if they don’t? What if things go drastically wrong? What then?

Plumber Wirral

RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH! I cannot stress this enough. Whether you choose me or someone else, researching is crucial!

Listen: I’ve been in the plumbing business for more years than I care to remember. You would not believe some of the shoddy work I’ve unfortunately had to witness.

I’ve seen the tears. I’ve witnessed the damage and destruction. Unqualified, cowboy plumbers are everywhere, waiting to take your hard earned money!

Why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because I have had the misfortune of receiving phone calls from distraught homeowners like YOU, asking me, BEGGING me to come and fix somebody else’s shoddy work.

I don’t want to see this happen to you! It really is heartbreaking having to see people’s homes destroyed by incompetent plumbers. Don’t be the next victim.

Choose wisely.

Here’s the Difference Between Hiring an Experienced Plumber and a Novice”.

A journalist from the Guardian newspaper interviewed the owner of a successful plumbing and heating company based in London. Ivor Bates (the owner) said he gets at least 3-4 calls per week from people who have just completed a short six-week plumbing course.

The owner of the business said at least 10% of the people who call him offer to work for FREE so that they can gain the experience they need to achieve the industry-standard NVQ level 2. Some of the callers even offer to PAY HIM to give them a job!

Ivor Bates, the owner of Bates Heating & Plumbing, was also quoted as saying he would never take someone on from one of these short six week plumbing courses. They do not have the experience to work in customers houses or on site.

This Video Shows What Can Happen if You Hire a Plumber with no Experience 

Look for Reviews!

If you read the reviews of any of the plumbers in Wirral, it will give you an overall idea of how good they are.

If they don’t have any reviews, now you ought to be worried. Are you going to be their first customer? Do they even have any qualifications or experience?

How do you know they haven’t just finished a six-week plumbing course and can’t wait to start hacking away at your house? The truth is, you don’t. You don’t know who they are or how good they are.

You want to avoid the people who have no experience like the plague. Let them go and practice on somebody else’s house!

You want to hire a professional.

Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should Call Me Today!

  • Competitive Prices. I will always do my best to save you money on the cost of replacement parts wherever possible.

  • Trusted & Experienced. I’ve been serving customers on the Wirral for over 10 years! Most of my customers come from referrals.

  • Free estimates. You will never be expected to pay for an estimate. EVER.

  • Serving your area today. I cover the whole of the Wirral including Bebington, Bromborough, Eastham, Heswall, Pensby, Irby, West Kirby, Wallasey, Birkenhead, Neston, Thornton Hough, Parkgate, Caldy, Seacombe, Oxton, Prenton, and all surrounding areas.

  • Respect for your home and business. Your home or place of work should be treated with respect at all times. I fully understand this and take it very seriously.

  • Peace of mind. I have full public liability insurance in place for your protection.

  • Guaranteed repairs. As one of the leading plumbers in Wirral, it would be unprofessional of me not to guarantee my plumbing repairs.

  • Flat rate price. When you choose the #1 Plumber Wirral, you will know the price up front. You won’t be left worrying how much the final bill will cost because you will know right from the beginning. It’s peace of mind for you.

  • Respect for your time. Your time is valuable, and so is mine. Choose a local plumber who respects your time. You book an appointment, and I’ll stick to it.

  • The most up-to-date plumbing technology. I have invested in the latest plumbing technology so that I can provide your home or business with the best possible service.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

happy plumbing customer from Irby, Wirral

I’m eternally grateful for the speed at which you fixed my boiler. The house was unbearably cold! – Susan

Susan, Heswall
plumbing customer testimonial from Gordon Jones, Eastham

I wanted someone to fit an outdoor tap for me. The tap was fitted in no time and the cost was very reasonable. Highly recommend – Gordon.

Gordon Jones, Eastham
happy plumbing customer testimonial from Mike Johnson, west kirby

My experience was very positive. My combi boiler was installed to a very high standard and I would highly recommend his services! – Mike

Mike, West Kirby
A boiler replacement testimonial from Julie Walsh who lives in Heswall

My boiler was old and need replacing. Luckily I found a good plumber (you) to replace it at a good price. Thank you so much –Julie.

Julie Walsh, Pensby
Boiler repair testimonial from Jean Clemont who lives in Prenton

Fantastic boiler repair service! The job was done quickly & efficiently. Arrived on time too!  – Jean.

Jean Clemont, Prenton
Combi boiler service testimonial from Tim Roberts who lives in Birkenhead

I chose you to service my boiler because I could tell you were a professional. Very happy with the service & price – Tim

Tim Roberts, New Brighton
central heating installation testimonial from Robert Hearty who lives in Bebington

My neighbor recommended you after you fixed her shower….I’m glad she did, you did a great job of unblocking my drains – Robert

Robert Hearty, New Ferry

It’s hard to get hold of decent plumber these days, thanks for the great job you done of repairing the taps in my kitchen – Julia

Julia Davis, Prenton

Just wanted to say thanks for fixing our toilet. I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t turn up. – Kim

Kim Clark, Neston

Great prices & fast service! What more could I ask for? If anyone asks me if I know a good plumber I’ll always recommend you! – Russel

Russel Jones, Willaston

I was so thankful you never let me down to install my dishwasher. I wouldn’t have known what to do. – Agnes

Agnes Collins, Irby Village

I was searching for emergency plumbers in Wirral and I found you. God knows what the damage WOULD have been! – Rachael

Rachael Lockwood, Meols

I’m glad I chose you to replace our boiler. The price was good and the job was completed ahead of schedule!  – James

James Woods, Bebington

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drain unblocking wirral

Drain Unblocking

Do you have a blocked shower, toilet, sink or external drain? Give me a call and get your drains unblocked quickly and efficiently.

Burst Pipes & Leaks Wirral

Burst pipes and leaks

If your home or business has a burst pipe or a water leak it needs to be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

Combi Boiler Installation & Repairs Wirral

Boilers and heating

Do you need a new boiler installation? Maybe your existing boiler needs repairing? For boiler repairs and installations, get in touch today.

Tap Repair & Installation Wirral

Tap repairs & installation

Would you like to have new taps fitted in your bathroom or kitchen? Do you have a tap that is constantly dripping and annoying you?

Immersion Heater Installation & Repair Wirral

Immersion heaters

Immersion heater not working? Whether you need an immersion heater repairing or replacing get in touch to discuss your options.

Kitchen Appliance Installation Wirral

Appliance installation

Do you have a new kitchen appliance that needs installing? Dishwasher, washing machine or cooker give me a call today.

Leaking Tap Repair Wirral

Leaking tap repairs

Do you need a bathroom tap in Wirral? Do you need a kitchen tap repair in Wirral? Trying to find a plumber for tap repairs in Wirral used to be difficult. Not anymore. The #1 plumber in Wirral is your local expert in all types of kitchen or bathroom tap repairs and tap installation. If your mixer tap is leaking from the stem or the spout, it is in need of repair. If your mixer tap cannot be repaired due to wear and tear then, you may need a kitchen mixer tap replacement. Whether you want me to fix a leaking tap or replace an existing tap get in touch today and have that tap issue addressed.

low water pressure in house Wirral

Low water pressure problems

Do you have problems with low water pressure in your house? Low water pressure in Birkenhead, Heswall, West Kirby, and Greasby is a frustrating issue, and it is quite common. Having low water pressure in your house will affect the performance of your shower as well as other household appliances. As an experienced local plumber on the Wirral, I have many years of experience in fixing low water pressure problems. Call me today to get your Brimstage, Oxton, Prenton, Bromborough low water pressure problem fixed professionally and at a reasonable price.

Toilet Repair & Replacement Wirral

Toilet repairs and replacements

Are you in need of a toilet repair or replacement in Heswall, Greasby, West Kirby or Caldy? Do you have a toilet leak in Bromborough, Irby, Thornton Hough or Neston? I can repair, replace and install all types of toilets at very competitive prices. As the #1 plumbers in Wirral, we should be your first choice for toilet repair plumber in Birkenhead, Bebington, Spital, and Raby Mere. With over a decade of experience, you can count on me if you need a reliable, qualified, plumber to repair your toilet in Wirral.

Burst, Leaking Copper Pipes

Water Leaks

Have you discovered a water leak in your house or business? Call the #1 plumbing service on the Wirral and have that water leak taking care of right away. A water leak in your home or place of business can cause untold damage and can cost a lot of money in repairs. Luckily, if you have a water leak in your house on the Wirral, we can take care of your problem for you as long as it’s coming from a plumbing line and not the roof. Get in touch with us today and book an appointment for your water leak repair in Wirral.

Blocked Sink

Drain cleaning – kitchen & bathroom sinks

Unblocking kitchen sinks is one of the day-to-day jobs of a busy plumber. Grease and food particles find their way down the drain and slowly build up over time. If you have a blocked kitchen sink in Heswall, Pensby, Bebington or Wallasey you can get in touch by using the contact form or calling me on the phone. If you have a blocked bathroom sink in Wirral, Bebington, Wallasey or Seacombe get in touch and get your bathroom sink unblocked quickly and efficiently.

Old Copper Pipes

Copper Repiping

Have you had any leaks in the past? Are you worried about corrosion in your existing pipework? As a specialist in copper repiping in Birkenhead, Heswall, Bebington, and Wirral I can provide you with an affordable solution to re-plumbing your home with copper piping. Some homeowners and businesses choose to use an alternative to copper piping which can last a lot longer than the more traditional copper piping. If you are looking for an experienced repiping plumber in Greasby, saughall massie, Meols or Hoylake look no further.

combi boiler installation and repair Wirral

Boiler installation, repair, and replacement

Do you need a boiler repair in Wirral? Perhaps a new boiler installation in Wirral? A boiler which has broken down or is malfunctioning can seriously upset the family home. Before you know it you can’t get a hot shower or bath; your house is cold because you have no heating and you can’t wash the dishes or wash your clothes. As one of the leading boiler installers in Wirral, you can have peace of mind knowing your boiler installation will be carried out by a certified professional. In some cases, it is not cost effective to repair a boiler, and we would recommend a boiler replacement.

Updates – Recent Boiler Replacements, Central Heating Installations & Plumbing Repairs.


A new boiler was installed at Ashlea Road, Heswall, Wirral, CH61 5UW. This property was recently renovated and needed a new bathroom, kitchen, and central heating system. The old Combi boiler was replaced with a brand-new Worcester boiler. The Worcester boiler installation went smoothly. Whoever buys this house will have peace of mind knowing the boiler was installed by professionals and will have a ten-year warranty. Never mind the brand-new kitchen and bathroom installation too!

Last week I completed a commercial boiler installation in a luxury care home Oxton, Wirral. The boiler provides hot water as well as the heating for the building. I really enjoyed installing the new ATAG boiler, and it even comes with ten-year warranty!

A really hectic week this week. Fitted two boilers on the Wirral and one unvented cylinder. One of the boilers was installed at Bidston Avenue in Wallasey. The property was owned by a private landlord and wanted an unvented cylinder installing before the new tenants moved into the house. The second boiler was installed at Northwood Road, Prenton CH43 0SN. The homeowner originally contacted me because the boiler would not fire up. Upon closer inspection, the existing boiler needed a lot of money spent on it, and it simply wasn’t worth it. I recommended a boiler replacement, and they followed my advice. Now they have a brand-new boiler with a ten year warranty and peace of mind. The unvented cylinder installation was at Banks Road, West Kirby, Wirral, CH48 0QB. The owners of the property just wanted to upgrade their existing system as they have had it for over ten years and were no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. All in all a busy week.

Heating and plumbing works completed last week: two Combi boiler installations and one relocation of a cold-water tank at a property in Ashcroft Drive, Heswall, Wirral, CH61 6UL. The first Combi boiler installation was at Raffles Road in Birkenhead, CH42 OHJ. The property was undergoing a renovation and needed a new Combi boiler installing. I recommended a BAXI 424 Combi boiler because of its incredible energy efficiency as well as fitting into the budget of the property owner. The second Combi boiler was installed at an address in Coniston Road, Neston, CH64 0TD. The homeowner wanted to upgrade their existing Combi boiler which was a Vaillant ECOTECH PLUS (2007 model). The owners decided to replace their trusty Vaillant ECHOTECH PLUS with new Worcester GreenStar 36 CDi. It was a pleasure to install one of Worcester’s top of the range Combi boilers.

Called out for a boiler repair for a domestic homeowner on Pensby Road, Heswall, Wirral, CH61 9PQ. After a closer inspection, the problem seemed to be the thermostat had stopped functioning. I swapped out the thermostat with a new one, and the boiler was repaired successfully.

A customer contacted me about a leak in the base of a shower cubicle. The property was in Frobisher Road, Moreton, Wirral, CH46 2RD. There was a slight crack in the base of the shower cubicle, and as you can imagine, the water from the shower was going down the crack and flooding the bathroom floor. The only solution I would ever recommend to anyone would be to replace the base of the shower cubicle (which is what I did). Quite a straightforward job. Had it done in no time.

I was called out for an Emergency Plumbing Repair at Linwood Road, Birkenhead, CH42 5PZ. The customer recently had a new kitchen installation, and the dishwasher had not been installed correctly. Every time the customer used the dishwasher, the kitchen floor started to flood with water. Luckily the kitchen floor was tiled and not laminated. The water coming from the back of the dishwasher would have ruined the laminate flooring as well. I installed the dishwasher properly and give myself a pat on the back for another job well done.

This week was a very busy week. I was called out for a toilet repair at Meols Drive, West Kirby, Wirral, CH48 5DE. There was a small pool of water around the base of the toilet, and upon closer inspection, I noticed that the mounting bolts that secure the toilet to the floor were quite loose. I loosened the mounting bolts just enough so I could manoeuvre the toilet and make sure it was in the right position before re-tightening the bolts.

The next job was a toilet replacement at Elm Grove, Hoylake, Wirral, CH47 3EE. The homeowner wanted to install a new pressure assisted toilet. The existing toilet was an Armitage Shanks – Sandringham21 which just wasn’t coping very well for a family of six people. After a successful new toilet installation, I couldn’t wait to give it a flush. The pressure assisted toilet creates a little more noise when it flushes, but having a clogged toilet is a thing of the past.

After completing the two previous jobs, the next job that was booked in was a boiler service in Eastham Village Road, Eastham, Wirral, CH62 0BJ. The boiler I was servicing was a Vaillant boiler. The owners of the property maintained the boiler very well as it was great condition even though was nine years old. A Vaillant boiler should be serviced every year to keep it in good working condition.

Following the three previous jobs, the next one I had booked in was a central heating power flush. The central heating power flush job was for an address in Allport Road, Wirral, CH62 6AE. The lady told me the central heating wasn’t working as it should and this is usually because of a buildup of debris and rust within the radiators. When I power flush a central heating system, it removes all of the sludge in the pipes and radiators and makes the central heating more efficient.

This week I was booked in for a Baxi 40KW Combi boiler installation on Queens Road, Hoylake, Wirral, CH47 2AG. The installation of the Baxi boiler was straightforward. I also fitted a magnetic filter and chemically flushed the system.

This week consisted of two  jobs. The first was a new water heater installation at a property in Buggen Lane, Neston, CH64 6QB. The second job was the start of a new bathroom installation at a property in Windy Bank, Port Sunlight, Wirral, CH62 5EB. Installing the new water heater was straightforward without complications. The bathroom installation wasn’t so straightforward. Upon removing the old bathroom suite I noticed the floorboards where rotten and had to be replaced before I could install the new bathroom suite.