Wirral Boiler Installation

Gas Safe boiler installations carried out by expert heating engineers on the Wirral. I can help you choose the most suitable boiler for your requirements as well as carrying out the installation. Call me today on (phone number) and start making plans for your new boiler installation.

Having a new boiler installed in your home or business is a significant investment and comes with an expensive price tag. It’s understandable that homeowners and businesses can get a little overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a new boiler, never mind trying to get someone to install it. I strive to provide the best boiler installation service in Wirral. If you would like a Gas Safe registered heating engineer to install a new boiler for you at a price that’s right, give me a call today.

I can install a wide variety of boilers from all different manufacturers such as Baxi, Ideal and Worcester. Over the past decade, I have gained a wealth of experience. I have learned which are the most financially economical boilers as well as learning which boilers have the shortest life span. Not all boilers are created equally. Some last longer than others and some cost more to run than others. Before choosing a boiler, I can perhaps recommend the better ones to you within your budget.

If you have already chosen a boiler and gone out and purchased it yourself, I can provide you with a free quote for the installation only. As a gas safe registered heating engineer, I am qualified to undertake all domestic installations as well as commercial boiler installations.

New Boiler Installation Wirral

Boiler Installation

All work comes with my standard 12-month guarantee for your peace of mind. New boilers and their parts are covered with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Many homeowners find choosing a new boiler to be quite a complicated decision. There are things like costs to take into account as well as figuring out the amount of space required to house the boiler in their home. Factors such as how many people live in the property need to be taken into account so the boiler can meet their hot water requirements.

Over the years, boilers have improved tremendously. New boilers are required to be highly efficient condensing boilers. Traditional boilers are not as efficient because they do not capture the heat in the same way as a condensing boiler does. These new top of the range boilers can keep as much as 70 to 80% heating efficiency.

Every boiler installation is unique so the cost of a boiler installation can vary by a lot. Some installations require more work than others, and the cost will reflect that.

Boiler Selection

The combination boiler otherwise known as a Combi boiler is one of the bestselling boilers in the United Kingdom. They provide you with hot water and heating in a very short space of time as well as being easy to install and cost efficient. However, there are a few small disadvantages with Combi boilers, one of them being the lack of a hot water storage tank. If you have several people in your home all trying to use hot water in several bathrooms as well as the kitchen this can be a problem for you.

Before you contact anyone for boiler installation in Wirral make sure they are gas safe registered and have plenty of knowledge and experience. If you would like me to provide you with a free quotation call me today on (phone number) to make arrangements.

Boiler Installation – FAQ (click to expand)

Yes. Every gas safe registered heating engineer in Wirral is required by law to report a new boiler installation. Gas Safe will provide you with a safety certificate which proves that your boiler was installed professionally by a gas safe registered installer. A gas safe certificate for your boiler can be extremely beneficial in more ways than one. If you are ever to sell your home having a gas safe certificate for your boiler installation proves that it was a legal installation and not a rogue trader.

A: It is always a good idea to flush your system clean before a new installation. Boiler manufacturers insist that their boilers should be installed on a clean, power flushed, central heating system. If the system has not been power flushed before installation, it can void the warranty of the boiler. Boiler manufacturers are notorious for attributing rust and sludge circulating in the system as the cause of a boiler breakdown. If the system is power flushed before installation, there will be no sludge and rust in the system and nothing to worry about.