Replace Radiator Wirral

As a fully qualified plumbing and heating engineer, I can visit your home or business to repair, replace or install brand-new radiators. The majority of homes on the Wirral are heated through radiators, so it’s important to make sure they are correctly maintained.

I repair and install radiators all year round throughout the Wirral and surrounding areas. If your radiators are having trouble heating up or have leaks or cold spots I can visit your property to diagnose the problem. Once I have found what the problem is I can give you a plan of action on how to rectify it. At some time or another, all the appliances in your home will need some maintenance to keep them in good working order. Your radiators are no exemption. If you want to keep your energy bills as low as possible, it’s imperative that you keep your radiators maintained, so they are working efficiently. If you need me to add or remove radiators to your existing central heating system that is also a service I provide.

When I visit your home or business and survey your current heating system, I will be able to provide you with some recommendations on how to save money. I will be able to advise you on the best way to configure your radiator installation and recommend some accessories to optimise your heating system.


Radiator Repair

If you have a radiator that is not heating up properly, has a leak or has come away from the wall I can solve these problems for you quickly and professionally.

Radiator Installation

I offer free quotes for installing a new radiator in your place of work or home. You may want me to upgrade an existing radiator to a larger one or install the radiator in a room that doesn’t currently have one.

If you would prefer to purchase the radiators yourself that is not a problem, however, most of the customers who contact me would prefer me to purchase and collect the radiator for them. I can get radiators of all different shapes and sizes.

Replacing a Radiator in a House Renovation in Wirral